Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dorm Outing

Yesterday we had our second term dorm outing. We loaded the bus with all 32 dorm kids, 10 adults and our own 8 kids for a beautiful day at Simba Lodge at Lake Naivasha, about an hour north of here. They had a kiddy pool and a clover leaf shaped larger pool and a nice, big playground for the kids. Our boys all covered themselves in sunscreen and headed to the pool. We spent about 4 1/2 hours there, with some of the kids hardly leaving the water. It is still pretty warm here and with solar panels to heat the water, it was just perfect swimming weather.

Levi loved the kiddy pool and had company most of the time, with other kids coming and going from the big pool, to try the shallower water for hand stands and whirlpools. Abby and Rachel also swam the majority of the time there. James and his brother, John, had kids climbing onto their shoulders, then would do back flips or just jump off into the water. I don't know how they held up so long, but the kids had a blast flying out over the water.

We ended the day with a big dinner up at Tembo dorm, the 2nd-4th grade dorm. We had lasagna, garlic bread, ramen noodle salad, and cookies. The boys were all tired and quite sunburned, so were ready for bed early. We all turned in and it was even pretty quiet this morning. Just under 2 weeks of school left, then we begin our April break. Everyone is getting pretty tired and ready for some down time.

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JanetB said...

Sounds like fun! If James and John are wondering why their necks are kind of stiff today, you may have to remind them! :o) (That happens to Todd all the time when he plays with the kids at the pool!) Hope you have a great week! We're praying for you guys!