Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Warmer days in Kenya

It is a beautiful day here in Kijabe today. It is getting warmer and not as much rain. That is nice for a change. We are entering the "spring" here, so it will get warmer as we head towards Christmas.

The school year is going good. We are just a couple of days away from midterm. The kids will be off from Friday at 11am through Tuesday. Wednesday is Multicultural Day so a lot of fun activites here on campus. There are 24 countries that will be represented. There will be a flag carrier for each country then music, skits and fun. The kids all wear outfits from their home countries. They tie flags on their backs, paint flags on their faces, etc. It is a great time to show your pride. Many of the MK's represent the country they have grown up in here in Africa. The cafe has a great lunch planned and then school will get going again on Thur. I think we start SAT's then.

The monkeys have been busy here at our house. They like the trees in our front yard so jump around through them or run across the roof. Levi has been woke up from naps several times by them running above his head. The roof is metal so very loud when they are jumping on it. One even came into our kitchen and took some banana's a couple of weeks ago. Our worker, Sarah, was here and chased it out. The baboons come and dig in the trash, but not as often as they used to. Levi thinks it is all great and gets very excited to see them.

The past 2 weeks have brought a lot of sickness to campus. We started with Rachel sick a couple of weeks ago then Luke and Lizzy not feeling well. Last week Abby started strep and we had 4 of our 5 with it by Monday. Lizzy is holding out until midterm I guess. I hope we are done with it all though. They didn't get too sick since Abby was first and we caught the others quickly. Student health has seen a lot of us lately though.

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Levi is calling and a little fussy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Colobus monkey

This is a colobus monkey in our tree. It might be the banana snatcher. Does he look devious? They are all so cute

Random pictures of the kids over the past few weeks...

First day of school

Making cookies

Liz and her friend, Rachel Wagner making cookies. Levi has important business to take care of

Lizzy and a few friends making cookies again. It is nice to have them able to bake now!