Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here in Africa

We have arrived in Kenya and are getting settled now. The kids started school this week and are enjoying their classes. Lizzy is in 9th grade so is in high school. They just had classes for the first time today. I am sure she will be busy soon, but not too bad yet. They all get chai break and the middle 3 get recess still. Soccer is a big draw for Luke at recess and the merry go round is very popular for the girls. Levi and I have enjoyed going down too. He likes to sit in the dirt and dig until he is covered with dirt. He is thriving here, just being outside all day long. He plays in the dirt, rocks, grass, whatever he can find. He climbs, runs, rolls in the grass, jumps and bangs his head often. He does love it here.

We are getting back into the groove of things. It is always hard to get accustomed to the difference in cooking and trying to plan ahead so we can get all of our groceries in Nairobi when we go. There used to be a small store here on campus, but it just carries student supplies now. There is a small store in Kijabe, just down the hill from us where we can get basics. It involves walking downhill from our house and carrying it back up, so I have not used that option much. We did drive down with James' brother once and got a few things. I hope to get to Nairobi a couple of times a month and am keeping a very detail list of what we need. I was excited to make applesauce this week that turned out good. It tasted much like baby applesauce and the kids all liked it. Some things are just hard to live without. I had our worker make bagels today and they are very good. We can buy english muffins and flour tortillas here so make different things with those. Any recipes would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to send some pics too. This is all new to me so might take some time to get them on. We are on dial up here so it seems very slow after high speed.

Have a good day. We are enjoying nights in the 50's (not really enjoying that since we have no heat and it is cold) and days in the 60's. It is beautiful and sunny. You can see all the way to the Rift Valley.

Here in Africa